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basketball girl

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kise doing flawless ‘get the look’ makeup tutorials for youtube but also having a+ commentary

'this eyeshadow color is really bold i love it! but be careful not to get it in your eyebrow cause its impossible to get out. if you do, just. cry or use a gazillion wipes'

'these are all the colors im gonna use! its a lot but theyre all my favorites'

'now for the eyeliner. just glue your elbow to the counter. just. do it. and accept that it will never be perfectly symmetrical. but hey even my face isnt symmetrical so fuck that literally no one cares youre still beautiful'

'now use this eyeshadow, its called sunshine! they named it after me'

'at this point some of you might say 'wow thats a lot of eyeliner' and youd be right. do it anyway'

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inspired by this
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miss ayanami is like super fun to draw oh gosh

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When your boyfriend holds your hand  (ღ ˘ ⌣˘ ღ)
Happy KiKasa Day~
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locker room crying

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MuraKuro after stalked Gon’s blog

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the basketball which kuroko plays

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